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1st dynasty 1500’s BC Ruled in Northern China. Social order became more organized under rule
a) Shang Dynasty
b) Zhou Dynasty
c) Qin Dynasty
d) Han Dynasty

4th Dynasty. Took control after several years of fighting after the fall of the Qin Dynasty
a) Qin Dynasty
b) Shang Dynasty
c) Han Dynasty
d) Zhou Dynasty

a) m,
b) nm
c) mn
d) n

2nd dynasty. Lasted longer than any other dynasty in Chinese History
a) Qin Dynasty
b) Shang Dynasty
c) Han Dynasty
d) Zhou Dynasty

3rd dynasty. Defeated all Warring States and united the country under one government
a) Zhou Dynasty
b) Qin Dynasty
c) Shang Dynasty
d) Han Dynasty

The spread of ideas from one culture to another
a) Diffusion
b) Jade
c) Laozi
d) oracle

A network of trade routes that stretched across Asia from China to the Mediterranean Sea
a) mk
b) .,
c) m
d) m

Had The Great Wall built
a) Han
b) Qin
c) Zhou
d) Shang

He was the First Emperor
a) Shang
b) Han
c) Qin
d) Zhou

a) nb.
b) mk
c) n.
d) cjg

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