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Muslims are expected to attend the annual Hajj, or pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca), in Saudi Arabia in order to
a) honor the sites important to early Islam
b) meet other Muslims who are in need of charity
c) confess their sins to Muhammad
d) provide gifts to religious leaders

State capitals are a significant location for geographers to study because
a) most of the state’s population live in these locations
b) historical monuments are built in these locations
c) more jobs are available in these locations than in other towns
d) the rules for their society are created in these locations

____________ and ___________ are sold by businesses.
a) wages and goods
b) salaries and demands
c) goods and services
d) money and shoes

When there is not enough to meet everyone’s needs we say something is scarce. What does the word scarce mean?
a) to have too little of something
b) to have enough of something
c) to have too much of something
d) None of the above

Which of the following is a characteristic of culture?
a) elections
b) shared beliefs
c) monotheism
d) hair color

How are the governments of Canada and the United States similar?
a) Both allow every citizen to vote in national elections.
b) Both allow the government to censor newspapers
c) Both have parliaments led by a president.
d) Both are limited governments with constitutions.

The government of the United States can trace its democratic roots to which civilization?
a) Greece
b) Russia
c) Spain
d) Egypt

Canada and the United States share a history of colonization and immigration resulting in a region that is characterized by
a) political instability
b) indigenous people
c) social unrest
d) mulitculturalism

Most school districts in Texas provide a student break in late December and early January. The student break occurs at the same time Christians observe Christmas. This is an example of
a) special interest groups advocating for change
b) weather affecting students
c) economic decisions impacting school policies
d) religious practices influencing culture

The United States and Canada are both considered to be multicultural societies because
a) a history of immigration has resulted in several cultures contributing to these societies
b) the American Indian cultures in these societies did not mix with the European cultures
c) most of the people in these societies speak more than one language
d) people living in these societies have economic and political freedoms

One important geographic question is “Where is it located?” One way geographers answer this question above is by
a) using an intersection of longitude and latitude
b) predicting the weather with computer models
c) excavating artifacts left by previous societies
d) interviewing members of remote tribes

Which of the following geographic factors has the greatest influence on where people live?
a) Shared cultural traditions
b) Proximity to highways and roads
c) Availability of water
d) Access to public transportation

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