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Who wrote 'The Canterbury Tales'?
a) Geoffrey Chaucer
b) Geoffrey of Monmouth
c) Sir Thomas Mallory
d) William Caxton

Who wrote 'Morte d'Arthur'?
a) Geoffrey of Monmouth
b) William Caxton
c) King Richard the Lion-Hearted
d) Sir Thomas Mallory

Who set up the first moveable-type printing press in England?
a) Sir Walter Scott
b) William Caxton
c) William Langland
d) William the Conqueror

The Anglo-Saxon period ended when which ruler invaded England and claimed the throne?
a) King Henry VIII
b) William the Conqueror
c) Prince John
d) King Richard the Lion-Hearted

Which king took the first pilgrimage to Canterbury?
a) King Henry II
b) King Henry VII
c) King Richard I
d) King Richard II

Which author's account introduces a very early version of the King Arthur story?
a) Sir Thomas Mallory
b) Geoffrey Chaucer
c) Geoffrey of Monmouth
d) William Shakespeare

Which king led the Third Crusade in an attempt to reclaim the Holy Land?
a) King John
b) King Richard I
c) King Henry II
d) King Henry VII

Who ruled England in the absence of his older brother?
a) King John
b) King Richard I
c) King Henry VII
d) King William the Red

Who united the houses of Lancaster and York through marriage?
a) King Henry VIII
b) King Henry VI
c) King Henry II
d) King Richard III

Which author made his own study of medieval ballads on the English-Scottish border?
a) Sir Walter Scott
b) Bishop Thomas Percy
c) Geoffrey Chaucer
d) William Langland

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