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The magnetic field of a magnet is...
a) Strongest in the center
b) Strongest at the poles
c) Weakest at the poles
d) The same strength throughout

The region around a magnet where the magnetic force acts is called...
a) The magnetic field
b) The magnetic domain
c) The magnetic poles
d) The magnetic center

When you break a magnet in half you get...
a) Two magnets with two north poles and two south poles
b) One magnet with onenorth pole and one south pole
c) One magnet with two north poles and two south poles
d) Zero magnets, breaking a magnet demagnetizes it.

An electromagnet...
a) Is not a magnet
b) Only operates when an electric current is on
c) Is a permanent magnet
d) Is only made with bar magnets

A current carrying wire around an iron ore is called...
a) An electromagnet
b) A generator
c) A motor
d) A magnetic motor

A group of atoms with their magnetic poles aligned is called...
a) Magnetic domain
b) Magnetic poles
c) Electromagnet
d) Magnetic compass

Two north poles in the same magnetic field will _____ each other, while a north and a south pole in the same magnetic field will_____ each other.
a) Repel, attract
b) Attract, attract
c) Repel, repel
d) Attract, repel

Given some wire and a battery, how would you magnetize a screwdriver?
a) Connect the magnet to the wire and connect the wire to the screwdriver
b) Wrap the wire around the screwdriver and connect the ends of the wire to the battery
c) Wrap the wire around the battery and connect the screwdriver to the negative end of the battery
d) Connect the wire to the positive end of the battery and the screwdriver to the negative end of the battery

The needle of a compass always points...
a) To magnetic north
b) To geographic north
c) To magnetic south
d) To geographic south

If you wanted to convert electric energy into motion which of the following would you use?
a) An electric motor
b) An electric generatio
c) An electromagnet
d) A bar magnet

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