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A hidden or unexpected obstacle
a) Peek-a-boo
b) Ghost
c) Snag
d) Surprise

Opinion about what should be done
a) Advice
b) Fact
c) Smarty-pants
d) Thought

Not honest; tending to cheat or lie
a) Liar
b) Dishonest
c) Cheater
d) Untruthful

Sport Mrs. Santos is currently playing on Friday nights
a) Shuffleboard
b) Tennis
c) Ping pong
d) Volleyball

Persons born of a certain family or group
a) Descendants
b) Anscestors
c) Family members
d) Peeps

Adjustment, settlement, agreement
a) Tweak
b) Fix
c) Arrangement
d) Tackle

Set your mind...
a) On things in the sky
b) ...on things above
c) On bad things
d) On good things

We will clothe ourselves...
a) With compassion, kindness, gentleness
b) With clothes
c) With compassion and love
d) With compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness ,patience and love

Manuscript of a play, movie, radio, or TV show
a) Script
b) List
c) Narrative
d) Paper

Discussion by persons who disagree; dispute
a) Scuffle
b) Yelling match
c) Argument
d) Conversation

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