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Which term means the discharge of mucus from the pharynx?
a) pharyngitis
b) pharyngorrhagia
c) pharyngorrhea
d) none of the above

Which term means paralysis of the larynx?
a) laryngectomy
b) laryngoplegia
c) laryngospasm
d) laryngoparesis

Whic infectious disease is also known as whooping cough?
a) diptheria
b) influenza
c) dyspnea
d) pertussis

The medical name for a nose bleed is
a) epistaxis
b) rhinorrhea
c) rhinorrhagia
d) rhinitis

This is a highly contagious disease occuring mainly in cold months, spread by droplets .
a) Pertussis
b) Diptheria
c) Influenza
d) Croup

A chronic dilation of the bronchi or bronchioles resulting from a previous lung infection is
a) Emphysema
b) Bronchiectasis
c) Asthma
d) Bronchitis

Progressive loss of lung function due to decrease in# of alveoli, and enlargement of the remaining alveoli is
a) Emphysema
b) Smoker's respiratory Syndrome
c) Asthma
d) Pneumonia

In the word otorhinolaryngologist which part refers to the nose?
a) oto
b) rhino
c) laryngo
d) ologist

When the diagram rises and recoils to the resting position what happens
a) you get the hiccups
b) you inhale
c) You exhale
d) none of the above

The loss of ability to produce normal speech is
a) dysphonia
b) laryngospasm
c) aphonia
d) laryngitis

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