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Juan looked out his window and saw low level clouds in the sky. Which type of clouds did Juan see?
a) Cirrus
b) Cumulus
c) Nimbus
d) Stratus

Which of the following is a form of precipitation?
a) Dew
b) Fog
c) Frost
d) Sleet

A Newspaper article read 'Last night, wind blew at 110 miles per hour towards the south' which pair of tools were used to determine this information?
a) Rain gauge and wind vane
b) Anemometer and wind vane
c) Thermometer and rain gauge
d) Thermometer and anemometer

You go outside and read the rain gauge. You notice that they gauge reads 6 inches. What can be said about the weather for today based on this information?
a) It rained 6 inches till now.
b) Winds are blowing at a high speed.
c) Winds are blowing from the north.
d) The surrounding temperature is 6°C.

What weather conditions would a person in South Carolina expect to happen in the summer?
a) Cold and mild
b) Cold and rainy
c) Hot with droughts
d) Hot with thunderstorms

Cleveland is expects a low pressure front to pass over this evening. What can you expect to see in the temperature this evening?
a) The temperature will increse
b) The temperature will decrease
c) The temperature will remain the same
d) Rain will occur

ines with tiny triangles are sometimes found on weather maps. These lines are showing where two air masses meet. What do these lines represent?
a) Boundaries
b) Patterns
c) Pressures
d) Fronts

Which statement best describes how a meteorologist predicts the weather for an area?
a) The meteorologist searches the internet for information about the weather.
b) The meteorologist speaks with other meteorologists and asks their opinions.
c) The meteorologist makes a prediction using a variety of weather sources and data.
d) The meteorologist watches the way animals behave for clues about the weather.

In a forecast, a meteorologist indicates that there is a southwest wind approaching the viewing area. What does this mean?
a) The wind is blowing from the northeast to the southwest.
b) The wind is blowing from the southwest to the northeast.
c) There is wind blowing from the north and wind blowing from the east.
d) There is wind blowing to the south and wind blowing to the west.

During which type of storm should you board up windows in your house and move further inland if you are near the coast?
a) Blizzard
b) Hurricane
c) Thunderstorm
d) Tornado

Where do hurricanes occur?
a) Over cold, dry waters
b) Over cold land
c) Over warm land
d) Over warm, humid waters

Which weather storm is most associated with funnel clouds and high speed winds?
a) Blizzards
b) Hurricanes
c) Thunderstorms
d) Tornados

What do we call the calm spot in the middle of a hurricane?
a) The eye
b) The center
c) The calm spot
d) The center spot

You read the following features of a severe weather condition 'strong winds, lightning, possible hail, and flooding' what is a safety measure that you should take?
a) Lie flat in a ditch
b) Stay inside a car
c) Stay inside a house
d) Take shelter under a tree

Zach is asked by his teacher to mention a feature of tornadoes. What could his answer be?
a) They lead to hailstorms.
b) They appear as a giant funnel.
c) They form over warm ocean water.
d) They are associated with heavy rain.

During which type of storm is it suggested that you board up the windows in your home and move further inland if you live near the coast?
a) Blizzard
b) Hurricane
c) Thunderstorm
d) Tornado

Which threats are most common during a thunderstorm over land?
a) Funnel clouds and strong waves
b) Lightning and strong waves
c) Lightning and rain
d) Rain and funnel clouds

What is 'Atmosphere' here on Earth?
a) A layer of gasses over the ocean
b) A layer of gasses that surrounds Earth
c) A layer of air that surrounds Earth
d) A layer of water that surrounds Earth

Which layer of the atmosphere does weather occur in?
a) Thermosphere
b) Stratosphere
c) Mesophere
d) Troposphere

Which gas makes up more than 3/4 of what we consider to be 'air'?
a) Oxygen
b) Hydrogen
c) Nitrogen
d) Water Vapor

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