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The transverse tubules and Sarcoplasmic Reticulum are involved in
a) Triggering Contractions
b) Delivering Energy
c) Storing Nutrients
d) Eliminating Waste

___, along with their two adjoining terminal cisternae (of the SR) make up the -Triad-
a) Transverse Tubules
b) Obtuse Canals
c) Universal Passages
d) Inverse Chambers

myofibrils are surrounded by saclike organelles simmilar to ER called ______
a) sarcoplasmic reticulum
b) sarcolemic vessicles
c) Folger's apparatus
d) endosarcic plasmodium

within the muscle fibers are bundles of myofilaments called ____, which represent the ____ level of organization
a) myofibrils, molecular
b) myostriations, molecular
c) myosin, atomic
d) mwarks, subatomic

muscle fibers, representing the ____ level of organization, are separated from one another by
a) cellular, endomysium
b) tissue, perimysium
c) organ, epimysium
d) molecular, hypomysium

Muscles are divided into bundles of muscle fibers called _____ by membranes called ____
a) Fascicles, Epimysium
b) Fascicles, Perimysium
c) Myofibrils, Epimysium
d) Myofibrils, Endomysium

Muscles are made of different types of ______, as they occupy the _____ level of organization
a) Tissues, organ
b) cells, Tissues
c) molecules, cellular
d) Organs, Organ Systems

The thick filaments are made exclusively of ___ while the thin filaments are mostly ____
a) Myosin, Actin
b) Actin, Myosin
c) Tropomyosin, Troponin
d) Carbon, Nitrogen

Contractile units called _____ shorten when thick and thin filaments slide along one another
a) Myofibrils
b) Myofibers
c) Sarcomeres
d) Transverse Tubules

The ends of the sarcomere are pulled together by the action of _____ heads attaching to ____ binding sites
a) Myosin, Actin
b) Actin, Myosin
c) Troponin, Tropomyosin
d) Titin, Sarcosome

To initiate contractile shortening of the sarcomere, ___ is released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum to remove ___ from the binding sites on the thin filaments
a) Calcium Ions, Tropomyosin
b) Phosphate Ions, Troponin
c) Sodium Ions, Actin
d) Chloride Ions, Myosin

to reset the myosin heads so that they can attach to the actin again requires
a) ATP
b) ATM
c) ETC
d) MTV

The aligned z-discs on adjacent microfibrils create the visible ___ in skeletal muscle
a) striations
b) intercalations
c) branching
d) membranes

A group of muscle fibers that are all innervated by the same motor neuron are called
a) motor units
b) functional groups
c) contractile collectives
d) Billy Bob or possibly Steve

muscle fibers contract
a) in an all-or-nothing manner
b) with more power as the amplitude of the stimulus increases
c) in sequence, one sarcomere after another along the myobibril
d) to varying degrees depending on a variety of factors

one way to increase the tension of muscle contraction is by increasing the ____ of the stimulus, in a process of TEMPORAL SUMMATION
a) frequency
b) amplitudge
c) penetration
d) post synapic effect

tension in a muscle can also be increased by recruiting additional motor units in a process called
a) temporal summation
b) spatial or quantal summation
c) Hypercontractility
d) Extramuscular summation

In the muscles of the calf and lower back, ___ fibers predominate
a) Slow Aerobic
b) Fast Anerobic
c) Intermediate
d) Fast Aerobic

in the muscles that move the eye and eyelid, one finds almost all of the fibers are
a) Fast Anerobic
b) Slow Aerobic
c) Intermediate
d) Fast Aerobic

muscles attach to the relatively immobile point at the ___, and to the relatively mobile point at the ___
a) origin, insertion
b) insertion, origin
c) aponeurosis, tendon
d) ligament, tendon

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