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Bones are classified into 2 groups based on their pattern of OSSIFICATION
a) Endochondrous, Intermembranous
b) Periosteous, Endosteous
c) Cortical, Trabecular
d) Granular, Crystalline

Bones are classified into 3 groups based on SHAPE
a) Long, Flat, Irregular
b) Periosteous, Endosteous, Mediosteous
c) Cortical, Trabecular, Woven
d) Endochondrous, Intermembranous, Combinatorial

a bone's _______ make its functions possible
a) texture
b) color
c) physiology
d) shape

the walls of the diaphysis are made mostly of dense compact, or _____ bone
a) bouyant
b) cancellous
c) cortical
d) trabecular

most bones are covered with a vascularized connective tissues, the
a) vellum
b) wainscoting
c) periosteum
d) diaphysis

At the end of long bones are expanded portions called
a) Epiphyses
b) Medulla
c) Pedundcles
d) Epiphanies

Bones are made of different types of tissue, and thus are
a) Organs
b) Organelles
c) Organ Systems
d) Organelles

The 'shaft' of a long bone is called the
a) Trabeculum
b) Infundibulum
c) Diaphysis
d) oolongatium

There are ___ ___ ____ bones in the human body
a) 206
b) 532
c) 256
d) FEW

Cells called _____ break down bone
a) Osteoclasts
b) Osteoblasts
c) Osteocytes
d) Osteoprogenitor Cells

The constant process of breaking down and forming new bone is called
a) Remodeling
b) Osteoregeneration
c) Osteoneogenesis
d) Osteoverbumlongis

The skeleton is divided into two main groups based on LOCATION
a) Axial and Appendicular
b) Inferior and Superior
c) Endochondral and Interosseous
d) East and West

___________ bones develop from a cartilaginous 'model'
a) Secondary
b) Endochondral
c) Postchondral ossificational
d) funny

Remodeling, especially of trabecular bone, is a key aspect of
a) Calcium Homeostasis
b) Long Term Memory Retention
c) Postprandial Hypoglycemia
d) Hematopoeisis

Cells in the bone become blood cells, a process called
a) Ossification
b) Defecation
c) Hematopoeisis
d) Sesequpedalianation

Red marrow produced Erythrocytes, Leukocytes, and
a) Platelets
b) Knifelets
c) Forklets
d) Cuplets, Muglets, or Glasslets

The bones of the cranium develop via
a) Endochondrous ossification
b) Intramebranous ossification
c) Transephiseal ossification
d) Obfuscational ossification

joints are classified FUNCTIONALLY based on their relative ____ and ____
a) Mobility vs Stability
b) Size vs Shape
c) Color vs Texture
d) Strength vs Flexibility

Joints are classified STRUCTURALLY into the groupings
a) monpartate, bipartate, tripartate
b) Fibrous, Cartilaginous, Synovial
c) based on the type of lever they represent
d) based on the type of ossification they undergo

a _____ of the skull is an example of a Synarthrotic fibrous joint
a) suture
b) foramen
c) integument
d) phrenology

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