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One of the theological virtues:
a) Courage
b) Patience
c) Love (Charity)
d) Temperance

The language Jesus spoke:
a) Aramaic
b) Italian
c) Greek
d) Latin

Book of the Bible which proclaims how the Good News was presented to the nations
a) Genesis
b) Corinthians
c) Acts of the Apostles
d) Psalms

A word which means ONE SENT:
a) Apostle
b) Disciple
c) Healer
d) Priest

To be envious over what others have:
a) Confirm
b) Covenant
c) Covet
d) Confess

When Mary received her call to become the mother of God's Son:
a) Assumption
b) Ascension
c) Anointing
d) Annunciation

Sympathy for those who suffer:
a) Temperance
b) Justice
c) Sadness
d) Compassion

A sacrament which strengthens Baptism:
a) Confirmation
b) Penance
c) Marriage

A story that teaches about the Kingdom of God:
a) Parable
b) Myth
c) Lesson
d) Fable

The country where Jesus lived; southern region in Palestine which includes the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, a Wilderness
a) Galilee
b) Israel
c) Judea

All the people of God who are not ordained or in a religious order:
a) Holy Ones
b) Epistles
c) Angels
d) Laity

One of the Cardinal Virtues; Fairness
a) Fortitude
b) Reverence
c) Justice
d) Temperance

A word which means the Anointed One:
a) King
b) Messiah
c) Prophet
d) Discple

A wonder outside the Laws of Nature; an act of God
a) Promise
b) Anointing
c) Covenant
d) Miracle

The work of spreading the Kingdom of God:
a) Confession
b) Healing
c) Mission
d) Prayer

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