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What does “no taxation without representation” mean?
a) Colonists did not want to be taxed at all.
b) Colonists did not want to be taxed without being involved in the lawmaking process.
c) Colonists did not want to taxed without meeting with the King directly.
d) Colonists did not want to be taxed without a lawyer present.

What is quartering?
a) To pay 1/4 of your taxes
b) To provide shelter, housing, and a place to stay
c) To divide goods to trade
d) To donate money to the colonial cause

What were the committees of correspondence?
a) women who wrote letters to their husbands during wartime
b) secret group that dumped tea into the Boston Harbor
c) a secret meeting to discuss British injustice
d) group that shared and spread information to other colonists about British actions

Who were the Sons of Liberty?
a) the colonial militia
b) George Washington's elite military force
c) secret organization of colonists who opposed British policies
d) Patrick Henry's freedom group

What is Parliament?
a) England's law-making group (legislative branch)
b) England's capital city
c) England's military
d) France's law-making group (legislative branch)

Which came first? Boston Massacre or Boston Tea Party?
a) Boston Massacre
b) Boston Tea Party
c) --
d) --

What is civil disobedience?
a) a violent uprising
b) refusing to change unjust laws
c) a peaceful, non-violent protest
d) actions that keep citizens out of trouble

What were the Navigation Acts?
a) Laws that encouraged colonial trade
b) Laws that taxed colonial ships
c) Laws that restricted colonial trade
d) Laws that taxed colonial tea

What was the Proclamation of 1763?
a) A law that said the colonists can settle west of the Appalachians
b) A law that said the Natives cannot settle west of the Appalachians
c) A law that said the French cannot settle west of the Appalachians
d) A law that said the colonists cannot settle west of the Appalachians

Which two countries fought in the French and Indian War?
a) England and France
b) Spain and France
c) France and Native America
d) England and Canada

Which came first? Proclamation Act or Sugar Act?
a) Sugar Act
b) Proclamation Act
c) --
d) --

Which came first? Navigation Acts or the Treaty of Paris 1763?
a) Treaty of Paris 1763
b) Navigation Acts
c) --
d) --

Who said, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death?
a) Paul Revere
b) Patrick Henry
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Crispus Attucks

Which event is an example of civil disobedience?
a) Boston Massacre
b) Battle of Lexington and Concord
c) Boston Tea Party
d) Sugar Act

Who was the leader of the Sons of Liberty?
a) Ben Franklin
b) George Washington
c) Samuel Adams
d) Patrick Henry

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