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an affirmative sentence, third person singular, in present simple consists of
a) main verb + ing + auxiliar verb
b) main verb + ed
c) main verb + -s/-es
d) main verb + do/does

Complete: ________________ to pay to take the golf course?
a) Are members having
b) Does members have
c) Do members have
d) Is members having

To express the frequency of an action an adverb plus ___________ is the common choice.
a) present progressive
b) Present simple
c) going to
d) present perfect progressive

which of the following sentences is NOT accurate
a) She always plays soccer after school
b) Maria gets up at 6 a.m
c) He is owning three restaurants
d) That house is falling apart!

Inflections added to verbs in present simple
a) -ed, -en
b) -s
c) -s, -es
d) -ing, -s

State verbs or sensory verbs are often used in
a) Past simple
b) present progressive
c) present simple
d) present perfect

A friend is summarizing an episode of your favorite soap opera...
a) Ross rushes to the airport to tell Rachel that he loves her, but he loses the keys of his car, so ....
b) Ross is rushing to the airport to tell Rachel that he loved her, but he has lost the keys of his car, so...
c) Ross rushed to the airport to tell Rachel that he has loved her, but he lost the keys of his car, so...
d) Ross has rushed to the airport to tell Rachel that he is loving her, but he loses the keys of his car, so...

_________ is used to describe or narrate a series of events.
a) Present progressive
b) Present perfect
c) Present perfect progressive
d) Present simple

Most people ______ energy for three main things: electricity production, heating and transport
a) are using
b) use
c) is using
d) uses

Present simple is used to refer to
a) actions happening at the moment of speaking
b) temporary situations
c) habits and customs
d) trends or changing situations

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