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A push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change direction
a) force
b) motion
c) energy
d) magnetisim

The force that pulls objects toward the center of the Earth
a) motion
b) force
c) gravity
d) energy

A force that slows or stops motion by rubbing two objects together
a) gravity
b) energy
c) friction
d) magnetisim

A push or pull is measured in
a) ounces
b) energy
c) newton's
d) milliliters

In a magnet, opposite poles
a) repel
b) attract
c) turn upside down
d) run away

A tool that measures the earth's gravitational pull on an object
a) triple beam balance
b) spring scale
c) pan balance
d) graduated cylinder

If 3 newton's of force is pulling on 3 newton's of force
a) there is no movement
b) the force is not balanced
c) one force moves
d) everyone stands on their head

A variable is
a) something that stays the same
b) something that is constant
c) something that changes in an investigation
d) something that runs away

To test friction on the same object
a) different surfaces are needed
b) one smooth surface is best
c) one rough surface is best
d) different ramp heights are needed

If a the same sized ball is released down a ramp that is 4 books high and then again down a ramp that is 2 books high, what is the variable?
a) The distance the ball rolls
b) The surface of the floor
c) The ramp height
d) The size of the ball

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