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A health care team of many professionals allows them to plan the best treatment for patients. A multidisciplinary health care team allows:
a) each member's role to be strictly defined
b) development of free responsiblilities
c) team members to develop individual goals
d) independent practice without need for team cooperation

The team manager tells the Receptionist that she can't change the work schedule until a new employee gets officially hired. This is an example of which reactive strategy in managing team conflict?
a) Adjusting
b) Accommodation
c) Avoiding
d) Acting

What strategy can prevent team conflict?
a) Authoritarian approach
b) Clear, concise guidelines
c) Call out trouble makers
d) Let problems run their course

What advantage is there for a health care agency that has effective health care teams?
a) strife among health care employees
b) decreased turnover of health care employees
c) unhappy customers
d) decreased availability of health care services

A group leader recognizes that team members possess artistic, technical, and knowledge skills. These skills compliment each other. The leader uses these skills to accomplish team goals. This is an example of
a) Laissez-Faire leadership
b) health care leadership
c) Autocratic leadership
d) effective leadership

The Beta club officers don't agree on their annual goals so they continue to meet and discuss other options. This is what stage in team building?
a) Perfomring
b) Storming
c) Norming
d) Forming

An effective leader would:
a) rarely use encouraging comments to team members
b) blast everyone when he/she reprimands behavior
c) clearly explain what needs to be accomplished by team members
d) adopt the philosophy of every man for himself

Julius has an open door policy and always takes a majority vote on decisions. This leadership style is:
a) Autocratic
b) Independent
c) Laissez-Faire
d) Democratic

HOSA Officers have developed three goals for the new school year. This is what stage in teambuilding?
a) Storming
b) Norming
c) Performing
d) Forming

Miss Smith's NA students work well as a team. They work together to acquire and perfect their skills. This behavior represents what characteristic of an effective team?
a) Free communication
b) common purpose
c) complimentary skills
d) trust

When reporting one-on-one to a team member about the status of patients, the LPN is using what form of communication?
a) Electronic
b) Oral
c) Written
d) Technology

If an effective team allows the members to express their ideas, then which stage of team building does this represent?
a) Storming
b) Forming
c) Performing
d) Norming

The attributes of an effective leader are reflected in which response?
a) The other team knows how to do this better.
b) Why haven't you already done this?
c) Just let me do it
d) I trust you can do this

If students are working independently and have no definite goal, the teacher must be what type of a leader?
a) Autocratic
b) Democratic
c) Republican
d) Laissez-Faire

While working to accomplish its goals, a healthcare team began to have issues with disagreements. What characteristic of an effective team is used to resolve differences?
a) Conscious Decision
b) Trust
c) Collaboration
d) Commitment

What stage of team-building focuses on examining how the group reached and accomplished their goal following a service project?
a) Storming
b) Performing
c) Forming
d) Adjourning

Ellie values other team members and exhibits a characteristic of what kind of a leader?
a) Democratic
b) Autocratic
c) Laissez-Faire
d) Republican

Some PT team members are angry about the weekend schedule so the Department Manager changes the schedule. What reactive strategy is this in managing team conflict?
a) Acting
b) Accommodation
c) Adjusting
d) Avoiding

What leadership style exemplifies a Manager of an ER Dpt. who wants to always plan everyone's work schedules, and is very strict?
a) democratic
b) independent
c) autocratic
d) laissez-faire

Frank asks who can work part of the next shift until another employee can arrive. This is an example of which reactive strategy in managing team conflict?
a) Adjusting
b) Avoiding
c) Acting
d) Accommodation

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