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played one encore
a) additional performance
b) final game
c) wrong note
d) musical instrument

the photagrapher\'s tripod
a) type of camera
b) shatterproof case
c) three-legged stand
d) close up lens

an ingenous explanation
a) complicated
b) astounding
c) inspiring
d) simple

a long soliloquy is
a) an involved story
b) a speech to oneself
c) pep talk
d) epic poem

the intonation of his voice is
a) different
b) loudness
c) softness
d) pitch

to take the rostrum is:
a) role
b) field
c) platform
d) journey

to make another inventory Is
a) listing of goods
b) chance encounter
c) accounting of money
d) surprising discovery

the replica of the jewel is:
a) setting
b) color
c) reproduction
d) value

a stirring oratory
a) public ceremony
b) public speaking
c) joyful emotions
d) a poetry reading

the unexpected ovation
a) event
b) sound
c) disaster
d) applause

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