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Who was the Georgia colonial woman who captured and killed a group of British Tories during the revolutionary war?
a) Nancy hart
b) Emma Gwinnett
c) Bela Abzug
d) Sarah Chambers

What was the name given to colonists loyal to the king?
a) tories
b) loyalists
c) patriots
d) yankees

What was the name given to colonists who wanted American independence?:
a) tories
b) loyalists
c) patriots
d) yankees

Who was the former slave that helped save the life of Elijah Clarke?
a) Jericho Williams
b) George Washington Carver
c) Austin Dabney
d) Langston Hughes

Elijah Clarke was the hero of which battle?
a) Manassas
b) Bull Run
c) Wine Creek
d) Kettle Creek

What was the most significant result of the seige of Savannah
a) Savannah remained in British control until the end of the Revolutionary War
b) The British were forced out of Georgia
c) Colonial Governor Wright was killed
d) The Indians joined the colonists

Who are the 3 Georgians who signed the Declaration of Independence?
a) Lyman Hall, George Washington, and Thomas Paine
b) George Waltpon, John Adams, and Thomas Paine
c) Button Gwinnett, Austin Dabney, and Nancy Hart
d) George Walton, Button Gwinnet and Lymon Hall

How many parts are there to the Declaration of Indepence?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) five

Which statement about Nancy Hart is NOT true?
a) She was a spy for Elijah Clarke
b) She was the mother of a US Senator
c) she was six feet tall and had red hair
d) She is the only woman that has a county in Georgia named after her

Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
a) John Adams
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) George Washington
d) Benjamin Franklin

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