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What was the name of Austin's supply ship?
a) Lively
b) Mayflower
c) USS Lexington
d) Glory

How much did Austin charge per acre?
a) $1.oo
b) $.50
c) $.05
d) $.12

How many families did Stephen Austin bring to Texas?
a) 100
b) 300
c) 200
d) 50

Which of the following was not a requirement for settling in Texas?
a) Become a citizen of Mexico
b) Become Catholic
c) Must have a wife and children
d) Have good moral character

Who helped Austin convince the Spanish officials to give Austin land?
a) Baron de Bastrop
b) George Washington
c) Santa Anna
d) Martin de Leon

Who was the first person to get permission from Spain to bring American settlers to Texas?
a) Green Dewitt
b) Martin de Leon
c) Power and Hewetson
d) Moses Austin

What is the definition of an empresario?
a) A person who tamed wild mustangs.
b) A person who traveled the world looking for a fight.
c) A person who was in charge of dividing up Mexican land and selling it to settlers.
d) A person who wanted Texas to declare its independence

Why didn't the Mexicans move into Texas?
a) They did not have permission to do so
b) Too far from Mexico City
c) Texas was already independent
d) The could not speak English

Which of the following was not a town in Texas when Moses Austin arrived?
a) Houston
b) San Antonio
c) Goliad
d) Nacogdoches

Austin chose his first colony between what 2 rivers?
a) Rio Grande and the Nueces
b) Colorado and the Brazos
c) Trinity and the Frio
d) Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico

Every man who came to Austin's colony would receive how many acres?
a) 500
b) 32
c) 160
d) 640

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