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The phase change when a solid becomes a liquid
a) freezing
b) melting
c) condensing
d) vaporizing

According to Charles Law, if the temperature of a gas increases, the volume of that gas will...
a) increase
b) decrease
c) remain the same

Matter in this phase is very high in energy and dangerous to living things.
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

The particles in a _______ are close together but are free to move around.
a) Solid
b) Liquid
c) Gas
d) Plasma

According to Boyle's Law, when the pressure on a gas in a closed container increases, the volume of that gas...
a) decreases
b) increases
c) remains the same

Changes in which no new kinds of matter are produced are called...
a) nuclear changes
b) chemical changes
c) physical changes
d) exothermic changes

An example of a chemical change is...
a) burning paper
b) dissolving sugar in tea
c) mixing alcohol and water
d) melting ice

Chemical Properties....
a) describe how a substance changes into other new substances
b) are changes in phase
c) are changes in volume or shape
d) are changes in mass or weight

All changes in phase are...
a) chemical changes
b) physical changes
c) chemical reactions
d) chemical properties

When a substance changes from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid, it has
a) melted
b) evaporated
c) sublimed
d) vaporized

Viscosity is the...
a) tendency of a liquid to take the shape of its container
b) resistance of an object to change its motion
c) tendency of a liquid to take the shape of its container
d) resistance of a liquid to flow

An amorphous solid...
a) has no definite shape or volume
b) is arranged in a regular repeating pattern or crystal
c) has no definite volume
d) will lose its shape under certain conditions

Solids have...
a) definite shape but NOT volume
b) definite shape and volume
c) definite volume but NOT shape
d) neither definite shape or volume

Examples of physical properties are
a) Mass and weight
b) Volume and density
c) color, shape, hardness, and texture
d) All are physical properties

There are only 3 phases (states) of matter.
a) True
b) False

What type of change is breaking an object
a) physical
b) chemical

which phase of matter has no definite shape or volume
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

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