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The Roman Senate was a select group of
a) consul.
b) patricians.
c) praetors.
d) emperors.

Which allowed Romans to construct massive, though stable buildings?
a) Arches
b) Concrete
c) Slave Labor
d) Aqueducts

Alexander the Great’s empire was created by destroying this ancient state.
a) Persia
b) Babylonia
c) Maurya
d) Rome

As the Roman Republic collapsed, Pompey, Crassus , and Ceasar formed an alliance known as the first ______.
a) Senate
b) Republic
c) Consulship
d) Triumvirate

What advantage did Rome’s location on the Tiber river provide?
a) Contact with pirates
b) Large plots of land
c) Access to the sea
d) Fertile plains

At its height , Alexander’s empire extended as far east as
a) Babylon.
b) Pakistan.
c) Japan.
d) Thebes.

Herodotus wrote what is considered to be the first
a) real history in Western Civilization.
b) novel.
c) tragedy
d) comedy.

The government of Sparta was an oligarchy, which means that it was
a) ruled by a tyrant.
b) controlled by a popular vote.
c) ruled by a king.
d) ruled by a small number of people.

The ancient Greeks considered religion
a) unnecessary.
b) important only for men.
c) necessary to the well-being of the state.
d) a luxury best left to women.

Early Greeks, in search of land, resources, and trade; came to create many colonies around this physical feature.
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Arabian Desert
c) Caspian Sea
d) Russian Steppes

The teaching of Homer promoted
a) the Phoenicians alphabet.
b) the values of courage, honor, and excellence.
c) Agriculture and trade.
d) sailing and warfare.

Which best describes a key feature of Rome’s official state religion?
a) Romans believed in only one god.
b) Augusta outlawed religious displays.
c) Emperors were never worshipped as gods.
d) Romans worshipped gods and goddesses.

The Greek city-state was known by this term. Our word for politics is derived from this word.
a) polis
b) polygot
c) lithos
d) acropolis

Which of the following best describes the philosophy of Socrates?
a) pursuit of pleasure and freeing oneself from public activity
b) education was meant to improve the individual
c) understanding the natural world based on observation and investigation
d) bearing whatever life offered, public service, and citizenship

Which statement best describes the Hellenistic Era?
a) the expansion of the Roman Empire into the German kingdoms
b) the spread of Persian culture into India
c) the spread of Greek culture, ideas, and cities into the non-Greek world
d) the expansion of Hinduism into the Christian world

After a period of many crisis and transitions, Athens finally developed which form of government under wwhich many rule?
a) oligarchy
b) tyranny
c) monarchy
d) democracy

What form of government did the Spartans consciously develop to control their conquered helots?
a) militaristic
b) republican
c) democratic
d) theocratic

Which of the following list of officials best fits in the Roman Republic?
a) oligarchs, ephors, and elders
b) consuls, praetors, and senators
c) patriarchs, aristocrats, and bureaucrats
d) warriors, merchants, and priests

Rome became an empire as a result of destroying which civilization in the Punic Wars?
a) Germania
b) Egypt
c) Carthage
d) Persia

Which statement best describes Roman Architecture?
a) use of clay fired bricks to create stepped towers
b) use of marble columns to create open structures in the “classical style”
c) use of polished sandstone pillars to support large stupas
d) use of concrete, vaults, and arches creating massive structures

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