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Which of the following accurately describes the term theme?
a) the main characters of the story
b) a summary of what goes on in the story
c) a message from the author that you can apply to your own life
d) the idea that a story can be told from multiple points of view

Which of the following is a common shared by the story of Atalanta and the Lightning Thief?
a) friendship
b) family truly matters
c) beauty fades
d) overcoming abandonment

The Story of Pinocchio is an example of which theme?
a) revenge
b) honesty is best
c) appearances can be deceiving
d) greed

Abdandonment is common theme. After Chapter 13 of the Lightning Thief, which word best summarizes how Annabeth felt about the abandonment of her mother?
a) confused
b) excited
c) unworried
d) angry

Read the following phrase. What is the theme? Be careful how you treat other people, they may treat you the same.
a) revenge
b) courage
c) jealousy
d) dreams

Read the following phrase. What is the theme? Work for what you want in life and you can achieve any goal.
a) revenge
b) courage
c) jealousy
d) dreams

Read the following phrase. What is the theme? Do not wish for what others possess. Be happy with what you have.
a) revenge
b) courage
c) jealousy
d) dreams

Which of the following would best fit the theme of perseverance?
a) Beauty and the Beast
b) Tortoise and the Hare
c) Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
d) Pinocchio

How many themes can one piece of literature have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) all of the above

What's the theme? Ulrich and Georg are bitter enemies. One night they encounter each other. Each thinks of killing the other. A tree falls and pins them under the weight. They notice the suffering, so they become friends. Then they're attacked.
a) family comes first
b) appearance cab be deceiving
c) it pays to plan ahead
d) holding grudges can kill you

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