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Which of the following is an example of a chemical property of water? It
a) boils at 100 C
b) is transparent
c) has no odor
d) reacts with calcium

Which of the following is an example of a physical property of hydrogen? It
a) is less dense than air
b) reacts with oxygen
c) is highly flammable
d) forms hydrochloric acid

Which of the following is true of chemical properties? They
a) describe the phase the substance is in
b) are measurements of the size or mass of the substance
c) explain how the substance reacts with other substances
d) predict how much of the substance is found in the universe.

Two students mix vinegar and baking soda. They observe bubbles forming, baking soda dissolving, and vinegar turning cloudy. They infer that a chemical change has occurred. Which data support this inference?
a) bubbles formed
b) baking soda dissolved
c) vinegar evaporated
d) color of vinegar changed

Which is a chemical change
a) Density
b) Phase at room temperature
c) Reaction with water
d) Solid

Which of the tests measured physical properties?
a) density, reaction to flame
b) density, phase
c) reaction to flame and water
d) phase, reaction to water

Which of these substances would be classified as highly flammable?
a) salt, air
b) iron, plastic
c) paper, gasoline
d) water, sugar

Which of these substances would be classified as flexible?
a) salt, iron
b) water, paper
c) sugar, gasoline
d) paper, plastic

An ice cube is left on a table for an hour. What evidence shows a physical change takes place?
a) It turns into a different substance
b) It gives off carbon dioxide
c) It melts into water
d) It bubbles and gives off gas

Salt is mixed with water and stirred. Is this a physical or chemical change?
a) It is chemical because a new substance, saltwater, has been formed.
b) It is chemical because a gas, water vapor, is given off.
c) It is physical because the salt has turned into a gas.
d) It is physical because it is easily reversible.

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