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To keep society in order the King of Babylon came up with
a) Code of Hammurabi
b) 12 Tables
c) Magna Carta
d) The Constitution

The Sumerians created the first known writing system called
a) Hieroglyphics
b) Cuneiform
c) Sanskrit
d) Mumbo Jumbo

Mesopotamia means between two rivers, what are the two rivers that make up the Fertile Crescent?
a) Nile and Indus
b) Huang He and Indus
c) Amazon and Mississippi
d) Tigris and Euphrates

Mesopotamia was made up of many independent
a) Countries
b) Provinces
c) City-States
d) Small Villages

Mesopotamians believed in many gods, what is this belief called
a) Monotheistic
b) Polytheistic
c) Theocracy
d) I like to move it move it

Of the seven ancient wonders of the world, which one was in Babylon?
a) The Pyramids
b) The Lighthouse of Alexandria
c) The temple of Zeus
d) The Hanging Gardens

The oldest known text was written in Ancient Mesopotamia, what is it called?
a) The Epic of Gilgamesh
b) The Bible
c) The Torah
d) Harry Potter

The carriers of civilization invented an alphabet to keep records of their extensive trade throughout the Med. Sea. What were these early traders called?
a) The Hebrews
b) The Sumarians
c) The Phoenicians
d) Loony Tunes

The Jewish people called their holy land
a) Portland
b) Philadelphia
c) Moses Place
d) Palestine

The Hebrews created a set of rules to keep order in their society. What was the name of these rules?
a) Cougar Code of Conduct
b) 10 Commandments
c) Code of Hammurabi
d) Magna Carta

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