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Calculate the amount of heat in joules needed to increase the temperature of 350 g of water from 20 C to 56 C.
a) 0.00033 J
b) 126 Cal
c) 52,668 J
d) 12960 cal

If a batch of cookies weighs 60 g, the heat was 700 J and the change in temperature was 20 C. What was the specific heat of the cookies?
a) 0.583 J/gC
b) 0.7 J/gC
c) 1.714 J/gC
d) 840000 J/gC

Energy is just like any other chemical or physical process, where it cannot be created or destroyed. Which Law states this fact?
a) Law of Conservation of Mass
b) Law of Conservation of Heat
c) Law of Conservation of Energy
d) Law of Conservation of Nature

How many Calories are in one gram of Hershey bar that started out at 6.7 g and burned down to 3.2 g. While burning it heated up 340 ml of water from 23.4 C to 25.7 C.
a) 0.244 Cal/g
b) 0.782 Cal/g
c) 0.117 Cal/g
d) 0.22 Cal/g

When 435 J of heat is added to 3.4 g of olive oil at 21 C, the temperature increases to 85 C. What is the specific Heat of the olive oil?
a) 1.99 J/gC
b) 83520 J
c) 0.5 J/gC
d) 395662.08 J

What is the specific heat of water in Joules?
a) 1.0 J
b) 4.18 J
c) 0.01 J
d) 0.1 J

The amount of energy transfered between two objects is considered...
a) Specific Heat
b) Joules
c) Heat
d) Thermal Waste

Calculate the specific heat of glass from the following. The temperature of a piece of glass with a mass of 65g increases by 26 C when it absorbs 840 J of heat.
a) 1419600 J/gC
b) 0.5 J/gC
c) 2.01 J/gC
d) 1569045 J/gC

How much heat is given out when 85g of lead cools from 200 C to 10 C? The specific heat of lead is 0.11 J/gC.
a) 1776.5 J
b) 0.0000068 J
c) -0.0000068 J
d) -1776.5 J

When an abject absorbs heat or energy is it considered to be...
a) Thermal Energy
b) Endothermic
c) Exothermic
d) Law of Conservation of Energy

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