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The study of geography provides clues to all of the following except
a) the resources in a particular area.
b) the climate of an area
c) understanding artifacts
d) why cities develop where they do

If a historian writes his/her own opinion that writing would be an example of
a) a primary source
b) a secondary source
c) an encyclopedia entry
d) an artifact

Which of the following would interesst a hsitorian the most?
a) a first-person account of the funeral procession of King Tut
b) an editorial in a newspaper about Veteran's Day
c) a document analyzing a bibilical passage from the Middle Ages
d) a textbook written during to American Revolution

Beliefs, customs and art of a group are all examples of
a) landforms
b) natural resources
c) culture
d) regions

A historian's work includes all of the following except
a) turning ancient discoveries into modern technology.
b) teaching and learning about culture and identity.
c) studying and interpreting history.
d) making predictions about the future based on the past.

Studying hisotry can help us with decision-making because
a) in the past people made better decisions.
b) it helps us know ourselves better.
c) it teaches us about world culures.
d) people can decide to be historians, archaeologists or geographers.

Which of the following would a historian be least interested in?
a) the bones of a group of people
b) the medical practices of a group of people
c) the beliefs fo a group of people
d) the customs of a group of people

Which subject would probably interest an archaeologist the least?
a) a street where racial protest are being held today
b) ancient forms of burial
c) medical tools from the Islamic Empire
d) pieces of fabric from King Tuts tomb

Over time interpretations of historic events stay about the same.
a) true
b) false

The difference between a fossil and an artifact is that a fossil was once alive.
a) true
b) false

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