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My name is
a) Steve
b) Mike
c) John
d) Dave

Steve is how old
a) 32
b) 31
c) 28
d) 34

Steve's favourite colour is
a) White
b) Red
c) Green
d) Black

How old is Robyn
a) 34
b) 35
c) 36
d) 37

How old is Craig
a) 34
b) 35
c) 36
d) 37

Craig is from
a) Russia
b) China
c) Australia
d) New Zealand

Robyn is from
a) South Africa
b) Togo
c) England
d) China

Steve is from
a) Poland
b) England
c) Ireland
d) Scotland

The nickname for the TIF office is
a) The Bat Cave
b) The Rat Cave
c) The Dump
d) The Plaza

The TIF boss is
a) Luke
b) Sam
c) John
d) Michael

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