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A few whales had leaped into the air. (What is the verb phrase?0
a) into the air
b) few whales
c) whales leaped
d) had leaped

The boat's captain had sighted them not far away. (What is the helping verb?)
a) them
b) not
c) had
d) sighted

One whale has surfaced beside the boat. (What is the main/action verb?)
a) surfaced
b) has surfaced
c) has
d) beside

The whales have discovered a good feeding area. (What is the verb phrase?)
a) good feeding
b) have
c) discovered
d) have discovered

On the first trip, the passengers____ spotted many whales.
a) has
b) had
c) was
d) is

The boat _____ sailed several times that day.
a) have
b) is
c) had
d) was

My friends and I have decided to go whale watching. (What is the helping verb?)
a) my
b) and
c) to
d) have

Many people have enjoyed the thrill of seeing whales. (what is the main/action verb?)
a) enjoyed
b) have
c) seeing
d) people

Whale watching has attracted many tourists. (What is the verb phrase?)
a) whale
b) has watching
c) has attracted
d) whale watching

Now they _____ crashed back into the water.
a) have
b) has
c) will
d) can

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