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The scientific name for the common house cat is Felis domesticus. What is its species name?
a) felis
b) domesticus
c) house cat
d) feline

What do scientists do when they discover organisms that do not fit into any of the six kingdomes?
a) destroy the newly discovered organisms
b) change the newly discovered organisms so they will fit one of the six kingdoms
c) create new kingdoms
d) leave the newly discovered organisms alone

An example of a simple animal is
a) a fern
b) a mold
c) an insect
d) a sponge

Members of kingdom Animalia depend on bacteria and fungi because bacteria and fungi
a) are good to eat
b) recycle nutrients in dead organisms
c) use sunlight to produce sugar
d) are useful for animal habits

What kingdom does slime mold belong to?
a) protista
b) fungi
c) plantae
d) archeabacteria

This kingdom includes bacteria that live in extreme environments
a) archaebacteria
b) protista
c) fungi
d) eubacteria

This kingdom includes all prokaryotes except archaebacteria
a) eubacteria
b) plantae
c) fungi
d) animalia

This kingdom includes mostly one-celled eukaryotic organisms that are different from plants, animal, bacteria, and fungi
a) protista
b) plantae
c) eubacteria
d) archaebacteria

This kingdom includes non-green, non-moving eukaryotic organisms that break down substances outside their bodies and absorb the nutrients
a) fungi
b) plantae
c) protista
d) animalia

This kingdom includes complex, multicellular organisms that lack cell walls, can usually move and respond to their environment
a) animalia
b) plantae
c) fungi
d) protista

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