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This was the most important part of the Egyptians religion
a) The Afterlife
b) Pharaoh Worship
c) Prayer
d) Mummification

The _____ is the longest river in the world and flows backwards.
a) Amazon
b) Mississippi
c) Colorado
d) Nile

Who was thought of as a god on earth and responsible for what happened to the people
a) Pharaoh
b) Zeus
c) Mesopotamians
d) Scorpion King

What was a sign that the Pharaoh ruled over both Upper and Lower Egypt?
a) They had kingdoms set-up in both locations
b) Wearing of a double crown
c) The Solar eclipse with two moons
d) Wearing of a special bi-colored robe

Where was royalty usually buried?
a) In tombs called pyramids
b) In sacred grounds set aside in nearby cities
c) In the Nile River
d) They were not buried, they were cremated and their ashes were spread across the land.

These helped protect Egypt against invaders?
a) Cursed tombs with Mummies
b) Incantations with from Scribes
c) Flaming arrows and catapults
d) Natural barriers like Deserts and oceans

Egyptian civilizations developed from ________ to _______ and finally _____.
a) Villages/Farms/Cities
b) Cities/Villages/Farms
c) Farms/Villages/Cities
d) None of the above

What 2 regions are Egypt divided into?
a) Upper and Lower
b) Eastern and Western
c) Southern and Northern
d) Sub tropic and Post tropic

What burial practice was used to preserve many egyptians?
a) Mummifying
b) Cremation
c) Cryogenic Freezing
d) Accelerated Decaying

This was the most common job for Egyptians
a) Farming
b) Construction
c) Teaching
d) Trade

1st Pharaoh to unite lower and upper egypt
a) Menes
b) Khufu
c) Hatshepsut
d) Ramses

This pharaoh built the Great Pyramid of Giza
a) Menes
b) Tutankhhamen
c) Khufu
d) Hatshepsut

This was the first Female Pharaoh
a) Menes
b) Khufu
c) Hatshepsut
d) Ramses

This was the longest ruling pharaoh and was a great ruler/warrior
a) Menes
b) Khufu
c) Tutankhamen
d) Ramses

This pharaoh became one at a young age and died at age 18.
a) Menes
b) Khufu
c) Tutankhamen
d) Ramses

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