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Who ruled the kingdom of Babylonia (the first one)?
a) Nebuchadnezzar II
b) Hammurabi
c) Ashurbanipal
d) Babylon

Who created a code of laws by which to live?
a) Babylon
b) Ashurbanipal
c) Nebuchadnezzar II
d) Hammurabi

Which empire were great warriors and educated?
a) Assyrian Empire
b) Babylonian Empire
c) Sumerian Empire
d) Phoenician Empire

What empire had advancements in mathematics, astronomy and a code of laws
a) Assyrian Empire
b) Babylonian Empire
c) Sumerian Empire
d) Phoenician Empire

What is the definition of conquest?
a) the defeat of another group
b) a professional writer
c) a ruling family
d) an agreement

Who was the king (during the height of the Assyrian Empire) that built a great library in Nineveh?
a) Ashurbanipal
b) Hammurabi
c) Nebuchadnezzar
d) Mr. Corcoran

Who was the Code of Hammurabi made for?
a) Assyrian society
b) Ninevah
c) Sumerian culture
d) Babylonian society

Where was the library containing Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian writings?
a) Babylon
b) Nineveh
c) Sumer
d) Assyria

Who was the king of Assyria at the height of their empire?
a) Abraham
b) Hammurabi
c) Ashurbanipal
d) Nebuchadnezzar II

Who conquered much of the Assyrian Empire and led great building projects?
a) Nebuchadnezzar
b) Ashurbanipal
c) Hammurabi
d) Abraham

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