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Falling action is
a) the end
b) beginning of the story
c) The part where the conflict winds down
d) ok dokiey

What is a flashback in story
a) Back to the Future
b) When a character hints to the future
c) Futurama
d) When an character goes back and remembers something from the past

Plot is :
a) THe series of events that happen in a story
b) A group of poems
c) A group of sentences
d) A series of conflicts

When character fights against nature it is called
a) Character vs Character
b) Character vs Self
c) Character vs society
d) Character vs Nature

This is the end of the story
a) Falling action
b) conceded
c) Denouement
d) Expositon

What is the climax of a story?
a) A fight between to characters
b) Expostition
c) The longest part of a story
d) The part in which the suspense reaches its peak

What is exposition
a) When the characters and the setting is introduced
b) The ending of the story
c) The most exciting part of a story
d) The fun part of a story

What is the setting
a) where and when a story takes place
b) A backround story
c) behind the scenes
d) Under the sun

What is a good character called
a) Antagonist
b) Protagonist
c) Jolly Green Giant
d) Good person of the year

An internal confict is
a) a person fighting inside themselves
b) a cheeseburger
c) Conflict in nature
d) Falling off a bike

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