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Which of the following is NOT a wedge?
a) knife
b) plow
c) chisel
d) ramp

Where is the input force of a wheel and axle exerted?
a) a circular distance
b) a rectangular distance
c) an inclined plane
d) a spiral

Greg applies a force of 100 N to move a box 5 meters. How much work did he do?
a) 100 J
b) 500 J
c) 5 J
d) 500 N

If you exert 20 N of force on a screwdriver and it exerts 40 N on a paint can lid, what is the screwdriver's mechanical advantage?
a) 2
b) 20
c) 1
d) 40

Which of the following is a compound machine?
a) first class lever
b) block and tackle pulley
c) wheel and axle
d) screw

What is the equation for work?
a) Work = force x distance
b) work = force / distance
c) work = force x time
d) work = force / time

What is the equation for power?
a) power = work / time
b) power = work x time
c) power = work x distance
d) power = work / distance

Which is a complex machine?
a) scissors
b) ramp
c) wheel barrow
d) paint can opener

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