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This character tortures those who do not want to play the game.
a) Whitney
b) Ivan
c) Rainsford
d) General Zaroff

Who is Rainsford's hunting partner?
a) Ivan
b) Whitney
c) Richard
d) Sanger

Where does General Zaroff live?
a) Ship-Wreck Island
b) Capsize Island
c) Skull Island
d) Ship-Trap Island

General Zaroff gives his prey all of the following EXCEPT:
a) moccasins
b) food
c) a map of the island
d) a 3-hour head start

What drew General Zaroff to hunting humans?
a) Their ability to reason.
b) Their ability to love.
c) Their ability to fight back.
d) He does not hunt humans.

Why does General Zaroff hunt humans?
a) He is a cannibal.
b) Hunting humans is more challenging than hunting animals.
c) He is angry with most humans.
d) Hunting animals is too difficult.

Who wrote The Most Dangerous Game?
a) Richard Connell
b) Edgar Allan Poe
c) Liam O'Flaherty
d) John Steinbeck

Who is the protagonist of the story?
a) Ivan
b) Whitney
c) General Zaroff
d) Rainsford

This character wins the game.
a) Rainsford
b) Whitney
c) General Zaroff
d) Ivan

Fighting against the current and surviving in the water is an example of what kind of conflict? Person vs. ________
a) Nature
b) Person
c) Supernatural
d) Society

Zaroff hunting Rainsford is an example of what type of conflict? Person vs. __________
a) Supernatural
b) Society
c) Self
d) Person

The resolution of the story occurs when...
a) Rainsford kills General Zaroff.
b) Rainsford kills Ivan.
c) Rainsford jumps off the cliff.
d) Rainsford arrives on Ship-Trap Island.

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