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How was Hernando De Soto able to defeat thousands of Native Americans with only 600 men?
a) De Soto and his men had better sources of food than the Native Americans
b) De Soto was more familiar with the area compared to the Native Americans
c) De Soto and his men had superior weapons and horses
d) De Soto understand battle strategies better than the Native Americans

The MAIN purpose of the Spanish missions in the barrier islands was to
a) provide protection for the area’s European settlers.
b) convert the Indians to Catholicism.
c) establish trade with Spain.
d) claim land for Spain.

The MAIN reason the Spanish explored North America was to *
a) make permanent settlements.
b) find gold and riches
c) spread Christianity.
d) fight the British.

The Spanish established the Santa Catalina mission on
a) Cumberland Island.
b) Jekyll Island.
c) St. Catherines Island.
d) St. Simons Island.

Why was de Soto’s expedition considered a failure?
a) De Soto died before the expedition was finished.
b) De Soto traveled in the wrong direction
c) De Soto did not find any gold or riches.
d) De Soto’s men died of disease.

What was the name of the first British fort constructed in Georgia?
a) Fort King George
b) Fort Frederica
c) Santa Catalina
d) Fort Guale

Why are Hernando de Soto's expeditions into Georgia significant? *
a) They were the last expeditions.
b) He removed the Cherokee's from Georgia.
c) He was the first European to explore the area.
d) James Oglethorpe was a part of the expeditions.

Which impact was a result of the Spanish Mission system?
a) Spanish Catholics adopted Native American beliefs.
b) Native American culture expanded.
c) Savannah was developed.
d) Native American culture declined.

Which three European countries colonized the Southeastern part of the United States in the 18th century? *
a) Georgia, Florida, South Carolina
b) French, Spanish, British
c) Germans, Mexican, British
d) French, Spanish, German

One intended consequence of the Spanish Mission system in Georgia was the spread of _____ while an unintended consequence was the spread of _____. Which two words BEST complete this sentence in order?
a) slaves; goods
b) religion; disease
c) weapons; religion
d) culture, hurricanes

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