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a supply of weapons; a place where weapons are kept
a) armory
b) armor
c) armada
d) armadillo

a large group of ships, boats, that are used for warfare
a) armada
b) armory
c) armor
d) armadillo

a small American mammal that lives underground and whose head and body are protected by a hard shell
a) armadillo
b) armada
c) armory
d) armor

to fight in order to keep someone or something safe; to not allow a person or thing to hurt, damage, or destroy someone or something
a) defend
b) offense
c) abandon
d) fender

something that causes a person to be hurt, angry, or upset; a criminal act
a) offense
b) defend
c) fender
d) fence

a wheel cover that protects the vehicle from mud or rocks that the wheel might spray upward
a) fender
b) defender
c) bumper
d) offense

a tool used for cutting paper, cloth, etc.
a) scissors
b) incisors
c) deciders
d) knife

to make a choice about something; to choose something after thinking about it
a) decide
b) indecisive
c) decisive
d) decend

a tooth that has a sharp edge for biting; one of the four front teeth of the upper or lower jaw
a) incisors
b) molars
c) canines
d) bicuspids

a chemical substance that is used to kill insects
a) insecticide
b) herbicide
c) fungicide
d) homicide

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