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The rate at which energy is transferred
a) power
b) work
c) watt
d) joule

The number of times a machine multiplies force
a) mechanical advantage
b) mechanical efficiency
c) work output
d) work input

A machine with a grooved wheel that holds a cable
a) pulley
b) wheel and axle
c) lever
d) screw

In which situation is a person doing work on an object?
a) a school crossing gurad raises a stop sign to weigh 10 N
b) a student walks while wearing a backpack that weighs 15 N
c) A man exerts 350 N force on a rope attached to a house
d) A worker holds a box 1 m off the floor

Which of the following are simple machines used by Eqyptians to build pyramids?
a) screws adn screwdrivers
b) inclined planes and levers
c) plows and axes
d) wheels and axles

If a barbell weighs 160 N, what other information do you need to calculate how much work it takes to lift it?
a) the shape of the weights
b) how high the barbell is being lifted
c) the strength of the perosn doing the lifting
d) the amount of output force

How does a ramp make lifting a heavy object easier?
a) the object is moved over a shorter distance
b) the ramp increases the amount of work you do
c) Less force is needed to move the object over a longer distance
d) more force is needed to move the object over a longer distance

If an identical stack of books is lifted the same distance and one person does the job twice as fast, which of the following is done twice as much?
a) work input
b) work output
c) power
d) efficiency

By conparing the mechanical advantage of two machines, what can you tell about the machine?
a) which is bigger
b) which has a larger input force
c) which has a larger output force
d) which makes work easier

If the work output of a machine is always less than the work input, where does the missing work go?
a) it is used to get the machine started
b) it is used to overcome the friction created by the machine
c) it is used to keep the machine running
d) there isn't enough power present

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