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What does aghast mean?
a) Struck with horror; shocked.
b) To destroy completely.
c) To give as an honor.
d) Lacking; empty.

What does bestow mean?
a) To give as an honor; to present a gift.
b) To completely destroy.
c) Struck with horror; shocked.
d) Lacking; empty.

They _____________ the crown upon the new king.
a) Bestowed.
b) Annihilated.
c) Admonished.
d) Heeded.

What do benefactors do?
a) Provide help, especially by giving money.
b) Teach students.
c) Build things.
d) Work in a garden.

What does annihilate mean?
a) To completely destroy.
b) To fix something up.
c) To be empty.
d) To warn.

What is an example of something that has been annihilated?
a) A city after a bad hurricane.
b) Plymouth Scholars Charter Academy.
c) Priyanshu's locker.
d) Mrs. Clarkson's office.

What does devious mean?
a) Sneaky; not frank or honest.
b) To destroy completely.
c) Shocked.
d) A person who provides help.

Which of the following would be devious?
a) Not telling your parents about a bad grade on your test.
b) Sharing your pencil with a friend.
c) Helping someone with their homework.
d) Doing well on the NWEA test.

What does admonish mean?
a) To warn or criticize gently.
b) Shocked.
c) To give as an honor.
d) Sneaky.

What does devoid mean?
a) Lacking; empty; entirely without.
b) To destro completely.
c) To warn.
d) A person who provides help.

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