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Comparing a machine's work output with work input
a) mechanical efficiency
b) mechanical advantage
c) power
d) work

The product of the input force and distance through which it is exerted
a) work input
b) work output
c) work
d) power

A machine with a bar that pivots on a fixed point
a) lever
b) pulley
c) wheel and axle
d) ramp

The product of the output force and the distance through which it is exerted
a) work output
b) work input
c) work
d) power

The unit used to express power
a) watt
b) joule
c) volt
d) Newton

A device that makes work easier by changing the size or direction of a force
a) machine
b) power
c) lever
d) pulley

A unit used to express work
a) jould
b) watt
c) volt
d) amp

A machine with two circular devices of different sizes
a) wheel and axle
b) pulley
c) lever
d) block and tackle

A machine made of two or more simple machines
a) compound machine
b) mechanism
c) complex machine
d) single machine

The transfer of energy that caused an object to move in the direction of the force
a) work
b) power
c) machine
d) watt

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