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Native Americans lived in teepees if they were...
a) nomadic.
b) farmers.
c) on the gulf coast.
d) Native Americans didn't live in teepees.

Define agriculture:
a) a type of indigineous housing
b) farming
c) a type of indigeous transportation
d) a domesticated animal

Why did the Karankawa try to kill Cabeza de Vaca?
a) They hated all white people.
b) They were fighting him in a battle.
c) They believed that he made them sick purposefully.
d) De Vaca never visited the Karankawa.

A matriarchal society is a society
a) controlled by women
b) controlled by men
c) controlled by children
d) controlled by the military

A patriarchal society is
a) controlled by women
b) controlled by children
c) controlled by men
d) controlled by the military

One CORRECT example of relative locaiton is:
a) Austin is north of Canada
b) Austin is south of Mexico
c) Austin is at 30 N and 90 W
d) Austin is north of Mexico

Why did Native American life differ across Texas?
a) The Spanish split them up and assimilated them differently.
b) The tribes were warlike and killed each other.
c) They didn't have different lives.
d) They adapted to their environments which were different.

True or False: Missions were very popular amongst the Native Americans
a) True
b) False

True or False: A missionary's life was difficult
a) True
b) Fase

Who wanted to be friends with the Native Americans?
a) British
b) Spanish
c) French
d) Italians

Which group conquered modern day Mexico and Texas first?
a) France
b) Italy
c) Spain
d) Britain

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