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Casualties/ Damnificados (muertos)
a) Caused By Something
b) Sam Houston Students
c) Social Media
d) Deaths

League of Nations/ Liga de las Naciones
a) International Labor Movment
b) Celebrity Trivia
c) Group of World Leaders
d) International Sports Organization

War Bonds/ Bonos de Guerra
a) Used to Fund the War
b) War Declarations
c) Scientific Elements of War
d) Soldiers Who Bond During War

American Expeditionary Force/Fuerzas Expedicionarias Americanas
a) US military to WWI
b) An Armed Travel Society
c) A Criminal Group
d) TV Show in the 80's

a) A Myth
b) A Naval Program
c) Americans on Board
d) An East Asian Dish

a) Youtube for Sailing
b) Underwater Boats
c) Sunken Ships
d) Australia's Secret Weapon

Zimmerman Telegram/Telegrama Zimmerman
a) Texas to New York
b) Germany to Mexico
c) France to Brasil
d) Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton

a) Atomic Particle
b) Staying out of War
c) Plumbing Program
d) Territorial Acquisition

a) No Clear Winner
b) Bad Food
c) An Old Friend
d) Diplomatic Endeavor

a) To Give Away
b) Fire
c) A Cabin
d) To add

a) Put in the Ground
b) Given To
c) Specialty Baking
d) Performance Art

a) Yard Sale
b) Total Warfare
c) Equal Opportunity
d) Something Obtained

Domestic Policy/ Política Doméstica
a) Dealing inside the US
b) House Cleaning
c) Secret Ballot Elections
d) Barack Obama's nephew

a) A Sugar Product
b) Extending the country’s influence
c) Dairy Farmers
d) Wartime Engineering

Foreign Policy/ Política Exterior
a) Chinese Agriculture
b) Treasury Notes
c) Dealing outside of the US
d) Music Industry

First Amendment/Enmienda 1
a) Banned Liquor
b) Right to Vote
c) Freedom of Speech, Religion, Etc.
d) Banned Hip Hop Music

a) Eat
b) Vilify
c) Expand
d) Limit

Espionage Act/ Acto de Espionaje
a) Spy Movie
b) Sponge Factory
c) French Cusine
d) Anti-First Amendment

Selective Service Act/Acto de Servicio Selectivo
a) Make Military Larger
b) Prison Terms
c) College Programs
d) A Special Interest Lawyer

a) A Soft Drink
b) Remaining to Yourself
c) Being Social
d) International Involvement

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