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The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to
a) protect the government from the citizens
b) protect the rights of the citizens
c) give women the right to vote
d) protect immigrants to the U.S.

La Salle's Fort Saint Louis was destroyed by which group of Indians
a) Comanche
b) Wichita
c) Apache
d) Karankawa

This region has the highest population density (most people)
a) North Central Plains
b) Mountains and Basins
c) Coastal Plains
d) Great Plains

This region is dry with little vegetation
a) North Central Plains
b) Mountains and Basins
c) Coastal Plains
d) Great Plains

This group of native Texans lived in the Great Plains
a) Comanche
b) Jumano
c) Karankawa
d) Cherokee

The native Texans living in the coastal region were the only Indians to
a) hunt buffalo
b) eat fish
c) ride mustangs
d) live in tipis

The song 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' describes our state as
a) diverse
b) boring
c) dry
d) rainy

The Spanish chose to establish their missions near which resource?
a) Oil
b) Railroads
c) Indian homes
d) Water

El Paso is located in which region of Texas?
a) North Central Plains
b) Mountains and Basins
c) Coastal Region
d) Great Plains

Which explorer first mapped the coastline of Texas and in what year?
a) Cabeza de Vaca, 1719
b) Pineda, 1519
c) Estevanico, 1659
d) La Salle, 1519

How did mustangs come to be in Texas?
a) The Spanish conquistadors brought them
b) They are indigenous to Texas
c) La Salle brought them on the La Belle
d) American Indian tribes found them and brought them to Texas

What is one consequence of the Spanish arriving in Texas?
a) American Indians were challenged by the spread of disease in their cows
b) It increased tension among Plains Indians who wanted the mustangs
c) The Spanish killed much of the buffalo population, which the Indians heavily relied on
d) Sugar importation changed Indian's diets

Where did priests attempt to convert Native Texans to Catholicism?
a) Presidios
b) Ranchos
c) Colonias
d) Missions

Which explorer was the first non-European to see Texas?
a) Cabeza de Vaca
b) Estevanico
c) La Salle
d) Coronado

Where did La Salle establish his Fort St. Louis?
a) Louisiana
b) Near the Mississippi River
c) The coast of Texas
d) On the Rio Grande

The French created a colony in Texas due mainly to-
a) La Salle not finding the Mississippi River
b) The kindness of Indian tribes
c) Spanish ships getting shipwrecked
d) La Salle's skill at navigation

Why is the buffalo significant to Texas history?
a) The Spanish started rodeos by catching buffalo
b) Texans survived by hunting buffalo in the 1700s
c) Plains cultures in Texas were dependent on all parts of the buffalo
d) Their hides were sold to Europeans for a large profit

Who is granted the 'unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness'?
a) only men
b) all humans
c) all property owners
d) all Americans

Francisco Hidalgo and Antonio Margil de Jesus were two-
a) The Indians kicked them out
b) They signed a treaty with Spain
c) Mexico won its independence and invaded French land
d) They lost a war with Great Britain and had to leave

Why did France finally leave Texas?
a) explorers who mapped Texas
b) Europeans who made peace with the Comanche
c) soliders who fought the French
d) priests who established missions

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