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Which statement best characterizes Roosevelt's position on trusts?
a) All trusts should be busted.
b) Only some trusts were harmful to the public interest.
c) Trusts were of benefit to the public interest.
d) Trusts were legal and could not be abolished.

Which strategy was not employed by woman suffragists to obtain their goal?
a) They called for female workers to strike.
b) They advocated a constitutional amendment.
c) They convinced state legislatures to grant women the right to vote.
d) They created volunteer organizations to lead peaceful protests.

Which of the following best states the primary goal of prohibitionists?
a) to eliminate the sale of alcohol to minors
b) to reduce accidents in the workplace
c) for women to earn suffrage
d) to eliminate the use of alcohol in society

Which of the following describes the Supreme Court's ruling in the Plessy v. Ferguson case?
a) lynching was a federal crime.
b) school segregation was unconstitutional.
c) racial segregation in public facilities was legal.
d) Jim Crow laws were unconstitutional

In The Jungle, Upton Sinclair exposed which of the following?
a) dangers faced by coal miners.
b) unsanitary conditions in the meat-packing industry.
c) corrupt business practices of the Standard Oil Company.
d) illegal deals between special interests and the government.

The progressive movement regarded all of the following as worthy goals except which of the following?
a) promoting business monopolies.
b) protecting social welfare.
c) creating economic reform.
d) fostering efficiency in the workplace.

The Pendleton Civil Service Act required which of the following?
a) native-born Americans to treat immigrants with courtesy.
b) government workers to renounce all party loyalties.
c) cities to provide services such as clean water to their residents.
d) applicants for government jobs to pass examinations.

An example of the spoils system would be which of the following?
a) bribing a government official.
b) assassinating a public official.
c) appointing a friend to a political position.
d) saying one thing and doing another.

The main goal of the Americanization movement was to do which of the following?
a) limit the number of immigrants entering the country.
b) assimilate people of various cultures into the dominant culture.
c) improve the living conditions in America's largest cities.
d) encourage people to move from the country to the city.

The main goal of the Chinese Exclusion Act was to do which of the following?
a) Make nativist anger on the West Coast die down
b) create segregated classrooms.
c) settle a disagreement between China and the United States.
d) Stop new immigrants from arriving at Ellis Island

Who expressed the belief that racism would end as blacks acquired practical work skills and proved their economic value to society?
a) W. E. B. Du Bois
b) Ida B. Wells
c) Booker T. Washington
d) Teddy Roosevelt

Which of the following was the main interest of the Social Gospel movement?
a) reform the Christian Church
b) political reform
c) economic reform
d) social reform

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