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Jefferson sought to make his victory in the election of 1800 a “revolution” by doing which of the following?
a) reducing drastically the size and power of the national government
b) refusing to expand the territorial limits of the United States
c) completely removing the policies and programs of the Federalists
d) instigating a military showdown with Great Britain

In the 1803 case of Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court came to which of the following rulings?
a) state governments could not impose taxes
b) an act of Congress had exceeded its constitutional authority
c) the judicial branch could not interfere with the powers of Congress
d) the executive branch must comply with an order of the Court

President Jefferson was reluctant to accept the treaty for purchasing the Louisiana Territory for which of the following reasons?
a) he saw no economic potential in the new territory
b) he feared that the Senate would embarrass him by rejecting the treaty
c) he doubted that he had constitutional authority for such a purchase
d) the purchase price was too high

The War of 1812 occurred as a result of which of the following?
a) British aggression against the American Indians
b) the impressment of American sailors by the French
c) the British blockade of the American east coast
d) the European conflict on the seas and American westward expansion

The Chesapeake-Leopard incident highlighted the American-British dispute concerning which of the following?
a) impressment
b) the “Continental policy”
c) the embargo
d) peaceable coercion

The American desire for Florida led to a desire for war with which of the following?
a) Spain
b) Britain
c) France
d) Canada

Because of opposition to the War of 1812, a movement toward secession was made by which of the following?
a) western Republicans
b) Carolina Federalists
c) New England Federalists
d) Chesapeake Republicans

America went to war in 1812 for all of the following reasons except which of the following?
a) the British navy policy of impressment of American sailors
b) the war hawks’ demands for war to address western issues
c) British trade policy blockading European trade with America
d) America’s refusal to pay tribute to the Barbary States

Historians might contend that Jefferson’s characterization of his election as the Revolution of 1800 was incorrect for which of the following reasons?
a) Cities and commercial economy were growing
b) America became more rural and agrarian
c) The national debt grew rather than decreased in size.
d) The army and navy grew in size

Which of the following was the immediate effect of the Embargo Act in 1807?
a) economic prosperity as American industry grew to replace trading losses
b) an economic depression in the United States when all foreign trade stopped
c) the end of all trade between the United States and Native Americans
d) that Britain stopped all trade with France

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