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The argument from ____ is based on the idea that being progresses from inanimate objects to increasingly complex creatures.
a) animation
b) gradation
c) motion
d) necessity

The argument from necessity is based on the idea that ____.
a) God needs people so that he can manifest love
b) God provides all the necessities if we only believe
c) human beings need to believe in God
d) if nothing had ever existed, nothing would always exist

Thomas Aquinas's great task was to integrate ____ with Christian theology.
a) Aristotle
b) Arabian metaphysics
c) Plato
d) Stoicism

According to the Stoics, our lives are ____ but our wills are ____.
a) free/holy
b) fated/free
c) fated/God's
d) free/fated

The ____ rests on the claim that the universe manifests order and purpose.
a) argument from inherent structure
b) epistemological argument
c) teleological argument
d) cosmological argument

The problem of evil rests on apparent inconsistencies concerning ____.
a) God's omnipotence, wisdom, and goodness
b) scholasticism and science
c) God's inability to defeat Satan
d) the conditions under which the rich and poor live

Which of the following BEST describes the basic philosophy of Hedonists?
a) Get pleasure, get pain
b) Get pleasure, avoid pain
c) Get pain, avoid pleasure
d) Avoid pleasure, avoid pain

Which of the following statements IS true of Epicureans?
a) We should invite pain and hardship as it is a gift from God
b) We should seek to remain alive for as long as possible in order to get more pleasure
c) We should reject society as corrupt and weakening
d) We should only seek to fullfill our natural and necessary desires

Which of the following BEST describes the motto of Cyrenaic Hedonists?
a) Holla atchya boi
b) Go with the flow of life
c) Whatever feels good is good
d) If you dont need it, get rid of it

The ultimate goal of scholastic philosophy was ____.
a) a systematic statement and defense of Christian beliefs
b) the complete refutation of Aristotelian metaphysics
c) the transformation of the Bible from a simple expression of faith to a cohesive philosophical argument
d) the establishment of universal criteria for the conferring of degrees

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