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means a place to sleep for one or more nights
a) Lodging
b) Recreation
c) Lodging Industry
d) Recreation Industry

Travel that is done for rest and relaxation
a) Business Travel
b) Pleasure Travel
c) Package
d) Tourism Industry

The right to do business using the brand and products of another business
a) Franchise
b) Franchisee
c) Franchisor
d) Franchise fee

An activity done for another person
a) Customer
b) Guest
c) Service
d) Empathy

A customer who purchases products or services from a hospitality business
a) Empathy
b) Service
c) Service Encounter
d) Guest

An extra Item or service that adds to a traver's comfort or convinience
a) Motel
b) Pleasure Travel
c) Amenity
d) Hotelier

The word used to describe a group of people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, religious beliefs and languages
a) Diversity
b) Peak seasons
c) Trend
d) Globalization

a general direction in which something is moving.
a) Transnational Corporation
b) Expansion
c) Trend
d) Fad

Demographics is the study of the characteristics of a population of people
a) True
b) False

A change in the way people live their lives
a) Fad
b) Demographic Trend
c) Social Trend
d) Lifestyle Trend

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