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Most earthquakes occur along the edges of
a) tectonic plates
b) seismic gaps
c) wave boundaries
d) epicenters

What kind of deformation leads to earthquakes?
a) plastic deformation
b) elastic deformation
c) convergent deformation
d) shear deformation

Which of the following is NOT a fault that leads to an earthquake?
a) abnormal fault
b) normal fault
c) reverse fault
d) strike-slip fault

The waves of energy from earthquakes that travel through Earth are called
a) earthquake waves
b) transform waves
c) gap waves
d) seismic waves

The epicenter of an earthquake is the point on Earth's surface
a) directly below the focus
b) directly above the earthquake's focus
c) above the seismic gap
d) where the damage is lightest

The strength of an earthquake is determined by the
a) type of fault on which it occurs
b) gap hypothesis
c) amount of damage it causes
d) amount of ground motion

What scale is used to measure the strength of an earthquake?
a) seismogram
b) gap hypothesis
c) Richter magnitude
d) Modified Mercalli Intensity

The intensity of an earthquake is partially determined by the
a) type of fault of which it occurs
b) gap hypothesis
c) amount of damage it causes
d) amount of ground motion

A measure of how likely an area is to experience an earthqiake is its
a) earthquake-zone level
b) Mercalli Intensity level
c) seismic-gap level
d) earthquake-hazard level

One way to forcast earthquakes in a place is to observe their past
a) strength and intensity
b) strength and frequency
c) frequency and intensity
d) magnitude

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