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What is the correct meaning of a CLAIM?
a) A claim is an inference made by the writer.
b) A claim is the same thing as text evidence.
c) A claim is when you elaborate in your writing.
d) A claim is a one word answer to a question.

Which of the following is TRUE about text evidence?
a) It should NOT have quotation marks around it.
b) It should be written in your own words.
c) Text evidence should be copied directly from the text.
d) It SHOULD have quotation marks around it.

What does it mean to elaborate?
a) Elaborating means that you're include good evidence.
b) Elaborating means you're explaining something.
c) Elaboating means the main idea of your writing.
d) Elaborating means how you write.

Which part of your writing should have the MOST amount of writing?
a) Claim
b) Evidence
c) Elaboration
d) Transition

Which part of your writing do you need to be the most meticulous or picky about?
a) Claim
b) Evidence
c) Elaboration
d) Transition

How any pieces of evidence do you need to support your claim?
a) 1 piece of evidence
b) 4 pieces of evidence
c) 6 pieces of evidence
d) As much as you can find

Which of the following is NOT true about both CSI's and writers?
a) CSI's evaluate evidence just like writers.
b) CSI's make inferences just like writers.
c) CSI have to elaborate on their evidence like writers.
d) CSI's first find the claim, then look at the evidence, like writers.

Which of the following is the CORRECT way to write a claim?
a) A character trait that best describes the boy is caring.
b) The boy is caring.
c) I believe that the boy in the story is caring.
d) My claim is caring.

I think this because in the text it says . . . (this is an example of which of the following?)
a) A transition
b) A claim
c) Evidence
d) A sentence

True or False: Your CLAIM should be an inference you make from the text.
a) True
b) False

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