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Which of the following skills did Africans bring with them to Carolina?
a) Rice cultivation and tending cattle.
b) Rice cultivation
c) The ability to harvest naval stores.
d) The planting and harvesting of indigo.

What was a direct effect of the development of cash crops?
a) It led to an increase in diseases resulting from heat exhaustion.
b) It led to an increase in the need for indentured servants.
c) It led to an increase in the slave trade.
d) None of the above.

What area of Africa provided the slaves that were most preferred by Carolina planters?
a) Northern
b) Eastern
c) Southern
d) Western

The Gullah culture evolved in South Carolina because___.
a) Native Americans married North Africans and combined their cultures.
b) Slave beliefs from Barbados were imported.
c) Slaves in the colony's coastal region maintained many of their traditions from Africa.
d) Slaves created new arts and traditions to replace the ones in Africa.

What was the goal of the slaves involved in the Stono Rebellion?
a) They wanted to kill as many whites as possible.
b) They wanted to escape back to Africa.
c) They wanted to get to St. Augustine, Florida.
d) None of the above.

Which of the following was not a provision of the Negro Act of 1740?
a) Slaves were prohibitedd from gathering without white supervision.
b) Slaves could not learn to read or write.
c) Slaves could not carry guns.
d) Slaves could not have children.

Although the state legislature acknowledged the right of slave owners to free their slaves, why were so few freed?
a) They were too valuable to their owners.
b) Their owners were afraid the slaves would not be able to make it on their own.
c) Their owners were afraid someone else would enslave them.
d) Their owners were fearful the slaves would get back at them.

Even as Carolina's assembly began to worry that there were too many slaves, why did they not cut back on the slave trade?
a) Slaves were vital to the economic success of the colony.
b) They were afraid of retribution from the King.
c) They had security measures in place in the event anything happened.
d) They were fearful of the plantation owners' reaction.

Why were there concerns about controlling the slave population in Carolina?
a) There were many people willing to help slaves escape.
b) The slaves did a good job of communicating across plantations.
c) The slaves had great access to the roads leading off the plantations.
d) Slaves outnumbered whites by large numbers in many areas of the colony.

Which of the following was not a contribution made by Africans to Carolina?
a) sweet grass baskets
b) potatoes
c) okra
d) yams

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