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The wall that separates the right side of the heart from the left side is called the _______
a) villus
b) cerebral cortex
c) septum
d) appendix

Which side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs to exchange gases?
a) right
b) left

Which blood vessels take blood away from the heart?
a) veins
b) ducts
c) villi
d) arterties

These thin blood vessels connect arties and veins.
a) villi
b) capillaries
c) atria
d) ventricles

Gaps between neurons are called _______
a) islet cells
b) villi
c) synapses
d) sphincters

Nerve cells that transmit messages are called _____
a) islet cells
b) neurons
c) glial cells
d) synapses

These chemicals transmit messages between nerve cells.
a) neurotransmitters
b) chyme
c) surfactant
d) sinoartial node

What is the main function of the digestive system?
a) It breaks down food into nutrients such as protein.
b) It chews food.
c) It transmits messages between the brain and the muscles.
d) It exchanges gases.

This organ is part of the central nervous system.
a) heart
b) brain
c) kidneys
d) lungs

This organ filters waste out of the blood and produces urine.
a) heart
b) kidneys
c) brain
d) lungs

This organ takes carbon dioxide out of the blood and puts oxygen into the blood.
a) heart
b) kidney
c) brain
d) lungs

In which digestive organ are most of the nutrients absorbed into the blood stream?
a) stomach
b) mouth
c) large intestine
d) small intestine

Which organ produces bile?
a) stomach
b) liver
c) small intestine
d) large intestine

Which is the only type of muscle that is considered to be voluntary?
a) skeletal
b) cardiac
c) smooth

The tube that brings air into the lungs is called the ____
a) esophagus
b) common bile duct
c) aorta
d) trachea

Which of these causes you to breathe in?
a) Muscles in the mouth force air into the lungs.
b) The walls of the ventricles contract.
c) Your diaphragm contracts, lowering the pressure in your chest cavity.
d) Your pyloric sphincter opens.

What happens to your respiratory rate when you exercise?
a) It increases.
b) It decreases.
c) It does not change.

This blood cells carries oxygen.
a) white blood cells
b) red blood cells
c) platelets
d) plasma

This is the liquid portion of the blood.
a) white blood cells
b) red blood cells
c) platelets
d) plasma

These cells help blood clot.
a) white blood cells
b) red blood cells
c) platelets
d) plasma

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