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Which of the following would be the greatest force from the forces listed below?
a) 0 N
b) 100 N
c) 25 N
d) 50 N

For what reason would you have a smaller force of gravity on you when you are standing on the moon vs standing on Earth?
a) Mass- the moon has more mass than the Earth
b) Mass- the moon has less mass than the earth
c) distance- you are closer to the moon than the Earth
d) distance- you are further from the moon than when on Earth

What evidence from the list proves that Gravity is a non- contact force
a) gravity only works when you are touching the other object
b) The Earth has to be in contact with the sun to create a gravitational force
c) when you jump in the air, gravity will pull you back down
d) Pluto is no longer considered a planet

The farther apart two objects are, the _______ the force of gravity the two objects produces between each other
a) greater
b) smaller
c) equal
d) faster

An object creates a force when the object accelerates. Which of the following would not cause a change in the force on an object?
a) staying in the same position
b) speeding up
c) slowing down
d) changing direction

The law that states that all objects that have mass create a force that attract all other objects that have mass
a) law of universal gravitation
b) law of conservation of energy
c) newton's laws of motion
d) law of conservation of mass

You fly on a rocket to outer space, where you no longer feel the force of gravity. What is the reason why you do not have gravity when moving to space from the surface of earth?
a) mass- you have lost all your mass when going to space
b) distance- you are now closer to earth
c) Distance- you are now farther from the surface of earth
d) mass- the earth is less massive when you are in space

What is the name of the force that two surfaces exert on each other when they rub against each other?
a) gravitational
b) magnetic
c) electrical
d) friction

which of the following is not a non- contact force
a) gravitational
b) magnetic
c) electrical
d) applied

Which of the following is the unit for force?
a) Meters per second
b) Joule
c) Newton
d) Grams

Which law creates the idea that all objects with mass will attract all other objects with a mass?
a) Conservation of mass
b) Universal gravitation
c) Universal studios
d) Conservation of energy

What are the two main types of forces?
a) Kinetic and potential forces
b) Elastic and gravitational forces
c) Contact and non- contact forces
d) mass and acceleration forces

which of the following is the only non- contact force altered by changing the masses of the objects creating the force?
a) applied
b) gravitational
c) magnetic
d) electrical

What is the name of the force that opposes motion between objects?
a) gravitational
b) applied
c) frictional
d) electrical

Which contact force is it called when you push on an object and it moves?
a) applied
b) normal
c) frictional
d) gravitational

You are sitting on a chair, gravity pushes you down. The floor pushes back with an equal force. What is this type of balanced force called that keeps you in place?
a) applied force
b) magnetic force
c) normal force
d) electrical force

When a roller coaster stops at end of the ride at the brake station, which force causes the ride to stop moving?
a) frictional force
b) magnetic force
c) electrical force
d) normal force

which of the following is not a non- contact force?
a) applied force
b) electrical force
c) magnetic force
d) gravitational force

If you wanted to increase the gravitational force between objects, which one of the following methods would work?
a) eliminate one of the two objects
b) decrease the mass of an object
c) move the objects further apart from each other
d) increase the mass of the objects

What happens when you have objects which have the same charges are brought together?
a) potential energy will increase
b) they will become attached
c) they will attract themselves
d) They will repel themselves

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