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A book about Abraham Lincoln written by Steven Marshall.
a) biography
b) autobiography
c) historical fiction
d) realistic fiction

A book about how to care for a horse.
a) fantasy
b) science fiction
c) informational
d) historical fiction

Molly and Sarah help find a lost kitten by putting signs up in a local park.
a) informational
b) science fiction
c) autobiography
d) realistic fiction

A shark and a whale talk about why they like living in the ocean.
a) biography
b) science fiction
c) fantasy
d) informational

A young girl finds out she has magical powers.
a) fantasy
b) biography
c) science fiction
d) realistic fiction

An alien spaceship lands in a boy's backyard and takes him to the future.
a) science fiction
b) traditional literature
c) poetry
d) fantasy

A story about a family of talking dogs.
a) Realistic Fiction
b) Historical Fiction
c) Fantasy
d) Poetry

These friends follow cues and secret messages throughout the story.
a) fantasy
b) mystery
c) realistic fiction
d) informational

A short story that teaches a lesson and has a moral at the end.
a) Fairytale
b) Folktale
c) Fable
d) mystery

A fictional story about a family who lived next door to Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1950's
a) Biography
b) Historical Fiction
c) Realistic Fiction
d) Poetry

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